The company was founded in 1996
The company covers an area of 28,680 square
Annual sales income of more than 80 million yuan
The company has more than 620 employees


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Add:No. 32, Zhixin Road, Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province


Deyuan Pump

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Shandong Deyuan Pump Co., Ltd. is located at No. 32, Machinery Manufacturing Industrial Park, Zhixin Road, Boshan District, Zibo City. It was founded in June 1996 and covers an area of 28,680 square meters. It has a production, storage and office plant of 9,600 square meters. More than 8,000 yuan, is a limited liability company that integrates production, sales, scientific research and development of pump products. It is the spirit of the enterprise to be strong first, to be honest in the enterprise, to serve the enterprise, to be strong in science and technology, to cultivate talents, to help enterprises, and to build enterprises harmoniously.

Deyuan Pump

The company has more than 620 employees, including 108 technicians and 362 undergraduate degrees. Shandong Deyuan Pump Co., Ltd. has strong technical force and is a high-tech enterprise. The company has municipal-level mining special submersible pump engineering technology research center, municipal pump product testing and testing platform (foreign trade public service platform) and other provincial and municipal scientific research. Platform, and signed cooperation agreements with Shandong University of Science and Technology, China University of Petroleum, Lanzhou University of Technology, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Fanfang Pump Research Institute and other scientific research institutions, with remarkable results, and successively undertaken 16 government projects. Among them, there are 4 national level, 7 provincial level and 5 municipal level; 18 patent applications have been applied, including 6 invention patents and 12 practical new patents. At present, the company's product specifications cover more than 600 varieties of 26 series, with an annual production capacity of 200,000 sets. The company has now formed a product group with energy-saving features such as mining pumps, submersible pumps, submersible pumps, vertical pumps and horizontal pumps. With the pace of the times, more patented products with intellectual property rights will be developed in the future. .

The company mainly produces: QJ type well submersible pump, BQS mine submersible pump, stainless steel submersible pump, heat resistant submersible pump, horizontal submersible pump, chemical pump, magnetic pump, vacuum unit, MD series mining pump , fire submersible pump, fire booster regulated water supply equipment, no negative pressure water supply equipment, submerged pump; WQ type non-blocking submersible sewage pump; QZJ type submersible slurry pump, down suction submersible pump; submersible high voltage motor; electric pump More than 20 series of control cabinets (automatic step-down starter cabinet, soft start cabinet, frequency conversion control cabinet, remote control cabinet), more than 100 kinds of specifications. The trademark is registered as the “Yuanshan” brand, and has won the famous trademark of Shandong Province. The product has obtained the honorary qualifications such as “Shandong Famous Brand”. The products are sold to all parts of the country and exported to foreign countries. They are widely used in large industrial and mining enterprises, oilfield power plants, chemical industry, agricultural, residential community water supply and urban construction, fountains, golf courses and other health and entertainment industries. The annual sales income is 80 million yuan. More than 10 million US dollars.

The company is the vice president unit of Boshan Pump Industry Association and the vice president unit of Boshan Quality Association. In recent years, it has been rated as “China Brand Strategy Committee, Provincial Spiritual Civilization Committee, Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau, Provincial SME Bureau and other departments”. Honorary units such as “100 Best Civilized Enterprises”, “3.15 Integrity Enterprise” and “Shandong Province Civilized and Honest Enterprise”, the products won the title of “China's Submersible Electric Pump Product Competitive Brand” and “China's Submersible Electric Pump Product Consumers' Favorite Brand”. . In 2008, 2009 and 2010, it won the title of “Integrity Enterprise” and “Baijia Integrity” Enterprise Advanced Unit in Shandong Province for three consecutive years. After passing the audit by Shandong Provincial Security Inspection Bureau, the company is the “Safety Production Standard for Machinery Manufacturing Industry” and the Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau. The approved enterprise is a “provincial-level contract-honoring and credit-respecting enterprise” and is awarded the “Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise” by the municipal and district trade unions.

Shandong Deyuan Pump Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of “Xiande Houyuan, Deyuyuan”, and faces domestic and foreign markets. It sincerely invites domestic and foreign merchants to achieve mutual benefit and win development results, and continue to provide new and old customers with dedication. Reliable products and honest service.

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